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Coastal Crêpes Rhode Island


May 24, 2019


The season for crêpes is here! Come to Coastal Crêpes for sweet and savory options as the warm weather rolls in!

Check out our menu and return here for our weekly specials.  

What is a crêpe?


"A crêpe is a type of very thin, cooked pancake usually made from flour. The word, like the pancake itself, is of French origin, deriving from the Latin crispa, meaning "curled." While crêpes originate from Brittany, a region in the northwest of France, their consumption is nowadays widespread in France and is considered the national dish. Crêpes often have a fruit filling of syrup, mixed berries, fresh fruit or lemon cream."

At Coastal Crêpes, we offer a variety of sweet crêpes, as well as savory crêpes with meat, vegetable, and cheese fillings, and breakfast crêpes with meat, cheese, vegetable, and egg fillings.  Come in today and watch us scramble eggs on a breakfast crêpe right before your eyes!

About Us


Coastal Crêpes is a new South County gem located across from Narragansett Town Beach in the Pier Marketplace! Our shop serves breakfast, sweet, and savory crêpes everyday from 8am to 10pm.


We strive to provide our customers with an enjoyable and exciting experience as we spin, fill, and decorate crêpes right before their eyes! Customers can feel comfortable and relaxed in this oceanside shop, where no shoes and sandy toes are not a problem as long as you've brought your appetite!


Come in today to meet our friendly staff, view our crêpe talent, and enjoy a delicious crêpe!  

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